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The ARGA Committee includes geoscientists from around Australia. Committee members must also be members of the Geological Society of Australia. The Committee is voted in at each Annual General Meeting. The 2023-24 committee, voted in at the 2023 AGM, comprises:


Dr Anna Petts
(Geological Survey of South Australia)
Email: Chair

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Past Chair:
Dr Ignacio Gonzalez-Alvarez (Nacho)

Leah Lynham
Email: Secretary

John Keeling
Email: Treasurer
Newsletter Editor :

Nadir De Souza Kovacs
(Geological Survey of Western Australia)

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Non-Executive Committee Member:

Dr Owen Missen

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Non-Executive Committee Member:

Dr Juraj Farkas
(U Adelaide)

Student Representative :

Savannah McGuirk
(U Sydney)

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Dr Ian Roach (Geoscience Australia):
Email: Webmaster

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Meeting minutes

Inaugural Annual General Meeting, 23 November 2009
ARGA general meeting, Arkaroola, 26 February 2010
2nd Annual General Meeting, 25 November 2010
Special General Meeting, 9 February 2012
ARGA AGM minutes, 6 February 2014
ARGA Committee meeting, 6 March 2014
ARGA Committee meeting, 14 July 2014
ARGA Committee meeting, 5 November 2014
ARGA Committee meeting, 12 February 2015
ARGA Committee meeting, 10 March 2015
ARGA Committee meeting minutes, 5 May 2015
ARGA Committee meeting, 11 August 2015
ARGA AGM minutes, 10 February 2016
ARGA Committee meeting, 7 April 2016
ARGA Committee meeting, 17 November 2016
ARGA Committee meeting, 30 March 2017
ARGA AGM minutes, 11 April 2018
Future of Regolith document 6 June 2017
ARGA Committee meeting, 4 July 2018
ARGA Committee meeting minutes 8 April 2019
ARGA AGM 11 February 2021
ARGA AGM 27 July 2023
ARGA Committee meeting minutes 17 August 2023
ARGA Committee Meeting minutes 22 September 2023
ARGA Committee meeting minutes 16 November 2023
ARGC Committee meeting minutes 18 January 2024

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