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About us

The Australian Regolith Geoscientists Association Inc. (ARGA) is a not-for-profit learned association of regolith practitioners throughout Australia. The Association was set up to to provide a mechanism through which people interested in regolith science could keep in touch and share their experiences via newsletters, email, the internet and an annual conference.

The objects of the association are to further the study of regolith geoscience and allied disciplines by:

  1. Facilitating the exchange of information among members of the association, and, in general, all those interested in regolith science;
  2. Stimulating interest in regolith geoscience;
  3. Encouraging the practical applications of regolith geoscience research.

The Association welcomes members from all disciplines that may have involvement in regolith geoscience including geology, geochemistry, geophysics, pedology, biology, hydrology, meteorology, agronomy, forestry, etc.

To become an ARGA member please read the details and download an application form from the Membership page.

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