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The Australian Regolith Geoscientists Alliance is a not-for-profit learned specialist group of the Geological Society of Australia. ARGA is governed by the rules of the GSA, and ARGA members can benefit from all that the GSA has to offer, including reduced registration rates for conferences and workshops, reduced rates for journal access and professional accreditation.

As a specialist group of the GSA, ARGA is governed by strict rules that are available here.

ARGA welcomes members from all disciplines who may have involvement in regolith geoscience including geology, geochemistry, geophysics, pedology, biology, hydrology, meteorology, agronomy, forestry, critical zone studies, etc.

There are two levels of membership available:

  1. Full membership as a GSA member. Full membership allows ARGA members to sit on the ARGA Committee, vote at ARGA meetings, vote at the GSA AGM, sit on the GSA Council and help steer the direction of ARGA and the GSA. GSA members also receive all of the member benefits outlined on the GSA web site. The ARGA specialist group membership fee is set initially at $5.50 (including GST) per year, payable in addition to your normal GSA fees.
  2. "Friends of ARGA" membership. Friends membership costs nothing and entitles friends to receive information regarding conferences and activities, attend ARGA field conferences for the normal conference fees (set by ARGA) and attend ARGA symposia at the AESC/AGCC at the conference day rate (set by the GSA). Friends of ARGA are neither able to sit on the ARGA Committee nor vote at the AGM. ARGA will establish a consultative committee to seek the valued opinions of Friends of ARGA to help guide the strategic direction of ARGA.

Friends of ARGA need not do anything except register your interest with the ARGA Secretary at to have your name added to the ARGA Members and Friends email list. Friends of ARGA may also choose to join the various ARGA social media sites including Facebook, LinkedIn, X (Twitter) and Instagram by choosing the icons in the menu bar at left.

More information

For enquiries regarding GSA and ARGA membership contact:

The Geological Society of Australia
Telephone: 02 9290 2194
International Telephone: +61 2 9290 2194



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