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2nd ARGA-22nd ACMS Conference, Mildura, Victoria

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Tuesday 7 February

Session 1:
Chair: Lisa Worrall

Keynote: J Bowler
Reconstructing hydrologic change: messages from the Murray Basin
S Mclennan, S Hill and K Barovich
Some regolith and landscape evolution highlights from the Murray Basin's Loxton Parilla sands
A McPherson, D Clark, M Cupper, CDN Collins and G Nelson
The Cadell Fault: a record of long-term fault behaviour in south-eastern Australia
JL Keeling, AJ Mauger, T Wilson and MD Raven
Diagenetic clay mineral distribution in Mesoproterozoic sandstones of the Cariewerloo Basin, South Australia – implications for uranium mobilisation
P Mulvey
Hadean/Archean regolith formation is the key to Archean geomorphology and geology

H Dulfer, M Thomas, J Wilford and T Cudahy
Regolith expression and character of ore deposits and potential for remote sensing applications
RW Fitzpatrick, MD Raven and PG Self
Using forensics to inspire the next generation of regolith, soil and clay scientists
Y-H Lim, GA Ayoko, RL Frost and SJ Couperthwaite
Synthesis and characterisation of organo-beidellite
P Pasbakhsh, H King How and C Siang Piao
Modification of halloysite nanotubes with glycidyl methacrylate
IC Roach
Using airborne electromagnetic data for regional stratigraphic and landscape evolution studies, Murray Basin, South Australia
U Shaheen, S Kulasegaram, WP Gates, TW Turney, A Patti and W Daoud
Modification of clay liners to improve barrier capabilities for hypersaline leachates

Session 2:
Chair: Will Gates

Keynote: SA Wilson and DL Bish
Stability of Mg-sulphate minerals in the presence of smectites: Possible mineralogical controls on H2O and nutrient cycling on Mars
G Taylor and RA Eggleton
All pisolithic Bauxite deposits are transported – Really?
RA Eggleton and G Taylor
Glassy (Al,Fe)2O3 in bauxites from the Southern Highlands of NSW
R Gilkes, S Tawornpruek and N Prakongkep
Corundum and hercynite in Bauxite from South Western Australia
CT Henry, MV Fey and MP Dobrowolski
Synthesis and characterisation of hydrotalcite from bauxite residue liquor and magnesium nitrate

Session 3:
Chair: Jock Churchman

Keynote: AJ Mason
The development of the later stages of the Murray Basin and the development of the smectite (bentonite) clays
WP Gates, Y Liu, R Martand Singh and A Bouazza
Improving the swell index and fluid loss methods for compatibility testing of bentonites
Y Liu, WP Gates and A Bouazza
Effectiveness of polymers on improving the fluid loss of Bentonite used in geosynthetic clay liners
Y Park, GA Ayoko, and RL Frost
Thermal analysis of organoclays and application for water purification
FL Theiss, MJ Sear-Hall, SJ Couperthwaite, GA Ayoko, and RL Frost
Layered double hydroxides as iodine sorbents
LP Aldridge, WP Gates, HN Bordallo and GJ Churchman
Water mobility in smectite

Session 4:
Chair: Richard Cresswell

Keynote: MD Raven and PG Self
Winning the 5th International Reynolds Cup Quantitative Mineralogy Competition
B Pillans, P Simmonds, W Hitchcock and B Alloway
Tektites, minitektites and microtektites from the Kalgoorlie region, Western Australia
M Thomas, T Cudahy and M Cacetta
Recent developments in ASTER Geoscience products for Australia
B Fritz, C Noguera, A Clement and H Zwingmann
Illite authigenesis - new constrains on fundamental clay crystallization processes using the NANOKIN code
MS Żbik , RL Frost, Y-F Song and C-C Wang
Synchrotron based transmission x-ray microscopy reveals smectite fine structure in an aqueous environment

Thursday 9 Feb

Session 5:
Chair: Balwant Singh

Keynote: MJ Kennedy
Are clay minerals a fundamental biogeochemical regulator of the Biosphere at Earth system scales
SC Löhr, MJ Kennedy, J Brugger and B Etschmann
The role of mineral surfaces in the preservation and transformation of organic carbon: meso- to nano– scale spatial complexity of organic matter forms in organic-rich shales
GJ Churchman, AD Noble and DJ Chittleborough
Additions of clays and clay minerals to enhance the sequestration of carbon in soils
Y-T Huang, GJ Churchman, DJ Lowe, NJ Rawlence, L Schipper and A Cooper
Evaluating the character and preservation of DNA within allophane clusters (microaggregates) in buried soils on Holocene tephras, northern New Zealand
E Yusiharni and R Gilkes
The forms of plant nutrient elements in Australian native plant ash derived from several species and the incubation effects on soil

Session 6:
Chair: Keith Scott

Keynote: DJ Gray, RRP Noble and N Reid
Advances in understanding regional hydrogeochemical patterns in Australia
P Shand, AJ Love, T Gotch, MD Raven and S Priestley
Extreme acidic environments associated with carbonate Mound Springs: the western Great Artesian Basin
I Bibi, B Singh and E Silvester
Dissolution of clay sediments in acid-sulfate systems
V Wong, SG Johnston, ED Burton, RT Bush, LA Sullivan, PG Slavich
Will sea-level rise solve our coastal acid sulfate soil issues?

Session 7:
Chair: John Keeling

RW Fitzpatrick, MD Raven, PG Self, P Shand, L Mosley, S Simpson and A Baker
Occurrence, genesis and environmental significance of schwertmannite in re-flooded Acid Sulfate Soils in the Lower Murray Reclaimed Irrigation Area
I Bibi, B Singh and E Silvester
Inland wetlands with sulfidic sediments provide ideal conditions for Akaganéite formation
A Marchuk and P Rengasamy
The nature of clay-cation association dictates clay behaviour in aqueous suspensions
S Marchuk, P Rengasamy and GJ Churchman
Cation exchange as influenced by the type of cations in different clay minerals
B Newman
River Murray salinity management and irrigation
R Cresswell
Banrock, Bookpurnong and Chowilla - approaches to management of the Murray River water quality

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